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Perhaps born from a culture of doers, menders, and nurturers or maybe just from a long line of family members that are, I have always identified as someone that solves obstacles while doing so under a loving hand. Funny enough I would later discover through a college assignment that "Sasha means defender and helper of mankind, a title that would solidify a role that I was all too comfortable with.

As a little girl, I always felt I would spend my days either on a stage or in front of a camera as performing came so naturally. 
In pursuit of that dream, I attended Florida State University, where I majored in Theatre, and even made my way to Tinsel Town for a stint. I then did what any young actor would do to find success, became a bartender of course. Through this venture, I learned to read a room, an audience, and think quickly on my feet; skills that would later serve me more than I could ever know. After many years of juggling those acts, I decided to go against all odds, leave the security of my chosen restaurant family and a band of loyal regulars and go all in.

Amid some successes and failures, it wouldn't take too long for me to realize that the dream was better left as that. It was time for reflection once again. I quickly found myself transforming into other roles: nanny and house manager. These roles would be the foundation of what was to become my true passion. Alright, helping busy moms and families by giving them back time, focus, and energy! The goal, making their lives easier and better by absorbing what stressors I could and finding methods to keep spaces contained and life organized! This meaningful role would organically segway to me becoming a Professional Organizer; a career I joke I never knew existed. This time a wonderful opportunity to blend my strengths into one, a role that checks all the boxes, and a path that truly feels like I am finally home. I believe that all my experiences leading up to this point in my life will be what sets me apart.



A Better Life Organizing’s mission is to simplify your life, taking all that we can off your proverbial plate, so you can create balance, find zen, feel motivated, and live more freely! There is no better feeling than inspiring you to feel comfortable and happy knowing you are heard, understood, and well taken care of. No matter the project type, we set you up for success from start to finish, handling a multitude of tasks. We also customize systems in an easy to maintain fashion so they make sense to you, empowering you to feel like you're the boss of your space or project and not the other way around.

However overwhelmed you may be, a top exec that manages many, a mom with an overzealous todo list, a college student with minimal resources, or an able-bodied no longer, consider ABL a form of self care as we support you and aid in creating space for mental clarity through spatial simplification. We streamline you towards becoming “unstuck” while offering a superior client experience. Your world is important to us and we care deeply to instill that sentiment delivered in a fun friendly package. Simply put, we’ve got your, “I just can’t get to”, “I just don’t want to” and “I hadn’t thought of it yet” and love that we do!


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