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"Tidy Desk Tidy Mind" -Lauren Saylor

Do you feel like you are drowning in paper? Not sure what to keep or where they go? Perhaps your home office isn't the dedicated space it needs to be and promotes more of a catch-all instead of a down to business workplace. 

More and more people are fortunate enough to work from home these days. However this can lend itself to a mingling of work production and household needs. ABL will help configure your workspace to grant as much physical breadth (as well as mental) to obtain all your necessary work items easily so that production isn't thwarted and remains at its all-time high. 

Paper management, including the incessant amount of daily mail, is a whole other demon. Piles and piles of everything from extremely outdated, shred-able, file-able, to just plain recyclable are intertwined. ABL will categorize all paperwork, help you decide what should stay/go, and determine the best filing systems to suit your needs.

Whether through a whole home-office edit &/or restructure to chipping away at the mountains of paper, ABL will just plain set you up for success so that you can continue to shine and even impress yourself!

"Happiness is a very small desk and a very big wastebasket" -Robert Orben

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